February 20, 2005

Comments Broken ... and Fixed!

Just FYI - our comments were apparently down recently, but I fixed them just as I became aware of the problem (this afternoon). I have no idea when they went down, but the problem was quite simple once I figured it out:

Somehow a blacklist entry was added that was composed of *only* a "space" - that meant *any* comment submitted was rejected (because they all have a space, somewhere).

As you add blacklist entries, please review every string or URL carefully. If they are overly broad, as in this case, a whole lot of legitimate comments will be blocked.

Also, please send me an email - or an email to the entire herd - as soon as you notice an odd behavior. Thanks!

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August 4, 2003


The Pings for all wordherders have been set to timeout at 45 seconds rather than the default 15, so hopefully that will help with the issues we have been having.

Meanwhile, I see that several people have updated their blogs, including 1000 words, george williams, and dave. Don't rely only on blogroller folks - sometimes it's just a big fibber!

Meanwhile, palms gets the longest running without a post award. Tsk. But don't be to hard on palms - the author has been swamped.

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