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December 10, 2003

Herd Feed?

Ok, so how do I set things up so that the recent entries from all Herders shows up on the Wordherder main page in order (most recent posts first)? And nicely styled, too (just need to CSS the RSS?)?

If someone can show me how to do what I imagine is just a RSS feed (?), I'll set up a small redesign of the main wordherders page, which would have the latest entries from everyone...

I'd just like to see the main page function more as a bridge between the blogs rather than just the relatively lame, static portal that it currently is. It would be nice to get the collaborative blog feel (like they have at Crooked Timber, GTA, TerraNova, or Social Software) while still letting everyone run their own blog space.

Also, is there a way for people to choose when to include something in the feed and when not to?

I'd appreciate any and all advice (and if bored Herders want to look around, I'd appreciate it - thanks!).

[and to clarify - this is just a repost of this]

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December 4, 2003

Happy Birthday, Jason!

Today the creator of WordHerders turns one year older. Pop on over to his blog and wish him a happy day.

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